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Автор Тема: What the team will get is a day one playmaker  (Прочетена 10 пъти)

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What the team will get is a day one playmaker
« -: януари 09, 2020, 03:46:26 am »
Also Jimmy Garoppolo Color Rush Jersey , his conference call"The fourth round, is that higher than you were expecting to be taken?“Yes. I don’t know, you think punters normally get taken, like it sort of starts in the fifth. I feel like I really got along with coach [special teams coordinator Richard] Hightower and coach [assistant special teams coach Stan] Kwan, and I was hoping it would be San Fran, and I think San Fran were about two picks away, and I got a call, and I was like, ‘You are kidding me.’ Unbelievable.”And you met the two coaches when they came out for your Pro Day at Utah?“No, they didn’t come to the Pro Day, they came in person, like there was a personal workout where they came, we had dinner, went for a punt the next day.”You had three punts blocked last season. What do you have to do to tighten that up in the NFL?“I mean, I just have to work on my consistent get-off, make sure that doesn’t happen. I mean, I’ve been working a lot in the offseason. I feel like I’ve got everything tightened up, so I’m confident that that can be avoided easily.”Is it true you can kick with both feet?“I mean, I can kick with my left foot decent. It’s nothing pretty. I definitely prefer to put it on the right, but if necessary, I can throw it on the left and maybe get something out of it.”Are you also a holder?“Yes. I take a lot of pride in my holding.”What’s your kickoff history?“I kicked off in 2017. I haven’t 100-percent got down exactly my steps and stuff, but I feel like I’ve got a strong leg. Yeah, I’m confident kicking off.”Is that something that the 49ers discussed with you as something that they’d want you to do for them this year?“Potentially. In the workout I did some kickoffs. I was hitting the ball well. But yeah, I mean https://www.49ersfanshop.com/Fred-Warner-Jersey , they mentioned it’s obviously a weapon, either the kicker or the punter can kick off, but if they’re both good at it, it’s just a plus.”If you could, could you explain how you went from being an apprentice as a glass installer to now a punter in America?“So I played Australian League football and had a few shoulder injuries. I had two operations on my left shoulder, which sort of took me out of the action in the Aussie rules football. And then I sort of just for fun would go down and play flag American football with a couple of my mates at a park, and basically was seen there punting and messing around by a guy called Craig Wilson, who knows Nathan Chapman and John Smith at ProKick Australia, and then a few months later I was out fishing and got a call from John, and John told me he would change my life, send me to America, all that good stuff. I went home, told my folks that John Smith is going to send me to America, and they thought I was smoking something. I ended up just handing in my resignation at work, moving to Melbourne for a year to train and learn the standard two-punt spiral because we sort of learned to punt on the run in Australian football. Yeah, moved to Santa Barbara to junior college, played one year, did 18 months to finish my AA degree and then went to Utah for three.”Nathan spoke glowingly about you throughout the whole process. Can you talk about what it was like working with him? And you did it for a year, is that correct?“Yeah, about a year, and then he’ll come out to America and sort of help clean up guys’ styles as they develop bad habits over here and stuff like that. A year, but sort of on and off for five years now.”He said that if he could go back and do it all again, he would do it all differently. What were some of the things that he taught you to kind of ease your transition into the NFL?“Well, I think he basically tried to come straight from Australia into the NFL Tarvarius Moore Jersey , and it’s a lot different kicking big, like kicking big high punts in the park with no rush, no helmet, no pressure, no crowd noise, nothing like that, to going straight into the NFL. There’s not many guys that go into college and have their freshman year as like an outstanding year. You learn things along the way. You learn how to read punt return units and stuff like that, where to put the ball. So I think he sort of, he slowly changed his sort of main objective to go instead of straight to NFL, to college, that way you earn yourself a name, you sort of get more exposure, and then it’s easier for you to transition into the NFL from there.”Is it a little different for you being your age and then being at college with a lot of guys that are quite a bit younger than you?“No, but also I went to Utah where there’s lots of returned missionaries. So like when I first got there, Andy Phillips, my kicker, I think was 27, and he was one of my best mates, like punter/kicker. Chase Hansen is my age, who’s in the draft this year. There’s a few older guys. But no, I feel like most people in sports sort of have the same mindset and we’re all working towards the same goal, so age doesn’t, never really played too much of a part.”We saw you doing a fake punt on one of the highlights that they showed. Is that something that you enjoy doing? Does it bring you back to your Aussie rules football days?“Yeah, I love it. I feel like throwing in a fake can sort of keep opposition honest. You can’t turn your back and do all hold up. You can’t double both gunners and leave the box short or anything like that. I feel like it keeps the opposition on their toes and also it’s a serious rush to run the ball.”Where are you calling from right now?“I’m in Santa Barbara. I’m at my girlfriend’s house in Santa Barbara.” Today we take a closer look at one of the top rated defensive tackles Ed Oliver and see if he is a fit for the 49ers should the team trade down from the second overall pick."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections 49ers Salary CapLevi’s Stadium Events49ers Transactions49ers Injury News49ers Press Conferences & Conference CallsNFL DraftNFL Draft Scouting Reports2019 NFL Draft: 49ers picks Kentavius Street Color Rush Jersey , mock drafts, news, rumors, analysisNFL Draft Profile: Defensive Tackle Ed Oliver of HoustonNew,10commentsToday we take a closer look at one of the top rated defensive tackles Ed Oliver and see if he is a fit for the 49ers should the team trade down from the second overall pick.PDTShareTweetShareShareNFL Draft Profile: Defensive Tackle Ed Oliver of HoustonTroy Taormina-USA TODAY SportsGreetings Faithful! Happy draft weekend! We have finally arrived at the doorsteps of the 2019 NFL Draft! We will finally get all of our questions answered and see who will become the newest members of the San Francisco 49ers. Currently the 49ers own the second overall pick. Who will they select at number two? Will they trade down? Will they trade down more than once? The possibilities are endless, and of course…anything and everything is fair game once the Arizona Cardinals are on the clock.Way back when I started coverage for the 2019 NFL Draft the first prospect I discussed was Ed Oliver. I thought it would only be fitting if Oliver was the last scouting report I produced before the clock started ticking later this evening. Ed Oliver is a monster and if there wasn’t someone named Quinnen Williams in this draft class, Oliver might be a top 3 lock…Who knows, he still might. Now, what if the 49ers trade down a few spots and have their sights set on Oliver? Let’s take a closer look and see how Oliver can be a great fit along the 49ers defensive line.Combine Results:40 Time: 4.73 (Pro Day)Bench Press: 32 RepsVertical Jump: 36.0”Broad Jumps: 120.0”Short Shuttle: 4.22 (Pro Day)3 Cone Drill: 7.15 (Pro Day)Measurables: Height: 6”2”Weight: 287 lbs.Hands: 9 1/4”Arms: 31 ¾”Summary:Ed Oliver was an absolute force on the Cougars defensive line in 2018. No other lineman dealt with more double team and even triple team coverages than Oliver. Oliver does an incredible job winning the first contact. Oliver is explosive when making contact with blockers. Will fight and play through gaps at an elite level. Oliver has a high motor and is explosive off the ball. Has exceptional flexibility and is constantly creating disruption and chaos in the opponent’s backfield. Is able to follow through tight angles, while twisting his body and adjust his frame when rushing the passer. Many times, Oliver was fighting through initial contact with ease against blockers along the line of scrimmage. Breaks up plays well with his hands, throwing up his arms in passing lanes. Oliver has a natural blend of speed and power up the middle. Because of all the attention he requires, Oliver creates positive opportunities for his teammates along the line. I expect this will continue for Oliver when he settles at the pro level. Oliver has a bright future in the NFL and I’ll be shocked if he slips outside the top ten.Is Ed Oliver a fit for the San Francisco 49ers?John Glaser-USA TODAY SportsWithout a doubt Oliver is a fit for the 49ers. Oliver has all the tools and traits you can ask for from an interior defensive lineman. His explosive playmaking and quickness off the line are rare and jaw-dropping to watch. Yes, his sack level dropped this past season, but I suppose we can credit the double and triple coverage teams put on Oliver all season long. Even with all that extra coverage, Oliver still recorded 53 tackles for a loss in just three seasons. As I mentioned last week with Quinnen Williams, Ed Oliver would form a dynamic two-headed monster with DeForest Buckner within the interior of the defensive line. In other words, they will cause many fits and headaches for offensive linemen and keep them on their toes. The more I study and watch Oliver the more he reminds me of Aaron Donald. Oliver is a week one, three-down starter at the next level. If the 49ers trade down a few spots keep a close eye on Ed Oliver as the potential pick for the team. What the team will get is a day one playmaker along the defensive line along with additional draft capital via the trade down. It very well could be the win-win scenario that John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan have up their sleeves.What are YOUR thoughts on Ed Oliver? If the San Francisco 49ers trade down to Oliver’s range would you select him? Please share in the comments below!On one final note, as always, I want to thank everyone who takes the time to read my articles and shares their thoughts and feedback in the comments below! It is an honor and privilege to write for our site, and I greatly appreciate all of your support! If you enjoy my articles and haven’t already please give me a follow on twitter! You can find my twitter handle above! Here’s to a successful draft for our San Francisco 49ers! I am looking forward to bringing you all the coverage you need for the 2020 NFL Draft prospects! Once again, a big THANK YOU to you all!


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