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Психология / Purpose At Work: How TAZO And American Forests Built
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Purpose At Work: How TAZO And American Forests Built A Partnership Solving Multiple Social Issues

Today's consumers want to support brands that share their values. Nonprofit partnerships are an excellent way to scale your business’ social impact. They can also cultivate consumer goodwill and bring you into cultural conversations. An impressive corporate and nonprofit partnership is the TAZO Tree Corps initiative. TAZO Tea and American Forests are collaborating to create jobs in low income communities and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities while also taking on climate change.

“We wanted to make a tangible and impactful difference in the fight for climate justice,” Laraine Miller, President of Unilever's Tea Americas, tells We First. “We needed to first identify the right partnerships as a way for TAZO to amplify and build upon the work of existing organizations.”

American Forests coined the term 'Tree Equity' to address the lack of trees in low income communities and communities of color. “A map of income typically overlays a map of where tree canopy cover is in a city. Lower income neighborhoods typically have less trees than higher income neighborhoods. We think that’s unjust,” Sarah L. Anderson, Director of Career Pathways at American Forests, shared.

American Forests’ commitments exemplified the impact that TAZO and Unilever—its parent company—were looking for. “We are working nationally, statewide and locally to advance Tree Equity. We want to ensure that everybody gets the benefits trees provide,” Anderson says.

The mutually-beneficial collaboration is a noteworthy example of corporate partnerships with nonprofits. TAZO and American Forests' work presents actionable lessons for decision-makers looking to Lead With We.

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